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    Innovative sensor designs
    Based on both Anisotropic and giant
    Magneto-Resistive tracks that can achieve
    very high (ΔR/R) response with highly linear response
    and high Signal: Noise Ratio
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    AMR (Permalloy) and GMR (Co-Cu)
    tracks with resolution of ~50μm and close control of thickness
    (100-200nm) through the application of innovative plasma deposition
    and photo-resist technologies.
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    The high resolution Magneto-Resistive
    MEMS sensors offers substantial advantages for automotive position sensors.

Welcome To Max Response
Innovating Future Non Contact Sensor Technology

Our Strength

The MAX-RESPONSE project brings together Knowledge-Intensive industrial SMEs (PVI and PQL) and a leading (End-user) to develop the non-contact sensor technology for automotive applications

The Concept

High resolution Magneto-Resistive MEMS sensors offers substantial advantages for automotive position sensors compared to inductive, Hall-effect and existing Magneto-Resistive system.

Market Opportunity

To realise these commercially for mass production requires the development of design, materials and processing technologies beyond the current state of the art. MAX-RESPONSE will achieve this through:

Our Partnership

Max Response brings expertise and experience of Sensor manufacturing and thin film coating together to create future of non-contact GMR sensor technology. Together PVI and PQL make ideal partnership to accomplish Max Response objectives.

Precision Varionic International Ltd: PVI is an SME which designs and manufactures automotive position sensors and throttle pedals for some of the world's most iconic marques. Since 1990, we have delivered zero defect sensors to Fiat, Mercedes, Volvo and Smart. In 2000 we developed a fully integrated pedal and shipped more than one million pieces annually to Ford.

Innovate UK: We fund, support and connect innovative businesses to accelerate sustainable economic growth. You can read about our responsibilities and plans for this year on GOV.UK.

Plasma Quest Ltd (PQL): Plasma Quest Ltd is a thin film deposition company that specialises in bespoke thin film coatings for a wide variety of applications. Using Plasma Quest’s patented HiTUS deposition system we are able to produce thin film coatings with a host of key differentiators including low temperature deposition onto plastics, very high deposition rate coatings -